1993-1994 “Saturday Evening Mostly Country Music Show”


Show Information

Unfortunately, I wasn’t diligent about keeping records of show information the 1st 2 years (Fall 1993 to Spring 1995). This was partly because I didn’t have much of a collection to play, I used home-made tapes a lot, & I recorded several shows, so I didn’t think I needed a written record; though, hindsight 20/20…. That noted, I found a few notations, most of which are too illegible to completely transcribe. Notes I could completely read follow.

09/1993 1ST SHOW

I was very nervous opening, especially when I spoke into the microphone to introduce the 1st song: Alabama’s “Song Of The South”. I’m pretty sure I was nervous up until the very end of that 1st show, but I quickly became very comfortable in the booth & found myself having so much fun with it that I wished I could host more radio shows during the week, something I wasn’t able to fulfill until the spring semester of my senior year.

11/06/1993 PLAYLIST

My sister, here for Brother-Sister Weekend, chose these songs for the 1st 6-pack of the night, 7p-7:25p:
EARL THOMAS CONLEY … what she is
SYLVIA … nobody
RODNEY CROWELL … after all this time
KATHY MATTEA … where’ve you been
BELLAMY BROTHERS … rebels without a clue
RICHARD MARX … endless summer nights

03/05/1994 INFO

I featured this trivia:
17 United States capitals NOT names of Indiana cities
Baton Rouge LA
Bismarck ND
Boise ID
Carson City NV
Charleston WV
Cheyenne WY
Des Moines IA
Helena MT
Honolulu HI
Jefferson City MO
Juneau AL
Little Rock AR
Oklahoma City OK
Pierre SD
Sacramento CA
Salt Lake City UT
Tallahassee FL

05/14/1994 INFO

A friend, Jenny, loaned me a Reba McEntire CD, with a note that she would start listening a little after 9p due to a new “MacGyver” movie on at 7p.